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American Classic Technical Specifications

Technical specifications
Total Independently Sampled Pipe organ Ranks 111
Classic Sound Module Voices (CSM-128) 40
Orchestral Voices (Super Solos) 7
Total voices that can play at the same time 123
Romantic Organs 4
Symphonic Organs 4
Baroque Organs 4
Total Organs 5
Total sets of samples (Rom, Sym, Bar, 2x library) 7
You can choose out of 3 dispositions: English - German - French 5
Divisions (Gt/Pd/Ch/Sw/Solo/Eth/State Tr.) 7
Total onboard sampled ranks 602
C-C# wind chest lay out on all ranks
Mixtures all independent samples
Chiff Dynamics™
PipeLIFE™ Tuning
Expression shutter characteristics
Intonat 5.1 Personal Voicing, note-by-note, rank-by-rank
61 notes C-c HQT, wood core 3
61 notes C-c HQT, wood core, Ebony/Cherry
32 notes C-g AGO pedalboard with Dark wooden sharps 1
General memories (250 levels, quick access) 2000
Divisional memories 7500
Tutti 1 and 2, programmable
General Crescendo A and B, programmable, 20 levels
Cancel, SET, Recall
Memory key lock
Sequencer, step up/down
Digital to Analog channels 96
3-D digital acoustic reverberation
DSA-4 External Digital surround acoustics
General Volume control, Midi controlled, programmable
Expressions, Midi controlled 5
Rubber padded shoes with brass nameplates
Expression level indicators 4
All swells to swell
Antiphonal Choir, antiphonal Solo/Ethereal o
External Loudspeaker system Main and Antiphonal
Custom designed Pipe façade o
Draw knobs 122
Thumb pistons 73
Tabs 23
Toe Studs, brass 18
Transposer, 17 steps, programmable
Pitch, +/- half step, programmable
Easy Menu
MIDI tabs, programmable 8
Couplers, unison, 16’ and 4’ 26
Manual Bass
Melody Coupler Choir
Melody Coupler Swell
Fix Accessories
Reeds Off
Keyboard Transfer Great/Choir
Pipes On, Ancillary On, Pipe MIDI interface
Zimbelstern piston and toe stud
Temperaments, incl. programmable 12
Console Status Display
Power switch with key lock
External connections:
MIDI in, sequencer out, module out, pipes out 4
Headphones stereo out, 2k Ohms)
DSA-4 stereo out, 270 Ohms/300mV
Aux stereo in, 1k Ohms/70mV
Aux stereo out, 270 Ohms/300mV
External Loudspeaker out, 8 Ohms
American Classic style
Dark Oak E45 console
Light Oak key cheeks, piston rails and jambs
Custom kinds of wood and colours o
Illuminated pedal board with 4 lights
Wooden music desk
Plexiglas music desk o
Bench with music spare
Adjustable height bench o
Height 50"
Width 76"
Depth 36"
Depth incl. pedal board 54"
Audio System 12.2 HP (High Power):
14 channels
14 speaker cabinets
38 speaker drivers
3180 Watts

• = standard - = not possible

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