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Speaker Facades - You Hear What You See

Johannus offers the elegant Loudspeaker Pipe Facades for an enhanced rendition of your organ voices in your living room or church. These facades can be supplied to match the wood type and color of your Johannus organ.

You can choose from pipes, laths, or a combination of the two options to refine the appearance of your Facade. The many options make your Johannus organ unique with a character all its own.




Johannus has affordable solutions to some of the common needs associated with pipe organs.  Perhaps you have a pipe organ in need of a few more stops. Johannus' DSU (Digital Stop Unit) is perfect for this application. DSU provides just the few digital sample stops you need.

Maybe your pipe organ console is needing replacement. Johannus can provide the solution. By adding a new Johannus Ecclesia (or higher) console with the high speed midi pipe organ interface and driver boards, you have a new pipe organ console along with a complete stop list of digital voices. The best of both worlds.

Ask to see and hear a Johannus hybrid. You will be amazed!


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