Ecclesia has the sound and features most requested by churches. They are well suited for small, medium, and even large Halls.

The 5 Ecclesia Models are:

T-170 - Although a basic 26 stop, 2-manual stop-tab model with 5 external speaker channels, this organ has a full compliment of features for small to medium churches.... It will faithfully accompany hymns, congressional singing, solos, preludes and postludes and accurately play much of the literature written for the organ. Prices start at $16,995*

T-270 - This is a larger 40 stop, 2-manual stop-tab model with 9 external speaker channels. Churches on a budget looking for a bit more organ but still wanting to stay with 2- manuals will find this model fits well. Prices start at $23,995*

T-370 - Is the largest of the stop tab models with 3-manuals, 55 stops and 11 external speaker channels. Prices start at $27,995*

D-470 - A 3-manual draw-knob organ with 65 stops and 16 external speaker channels. This is a very complete model and popular with AGO organists. Prices start at $36,995*

D-570 - The largest of the Ecclesia line, this organ has everything for the church and concert work with 80 stops, 4-manuals and 21 external speaker channels. This organ can perform the most demanding musical program. Prices start at $50,995*


*Freight, delivery, installation and on-site voicing are additional.


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