Vivaldi Series

The Johannus Vivaldi introduces a new home organ concept.




Not one, but four organs

The Johannus Vivaldi contains four sample banks with unique stops. In addition to the American Classic, Symphonic and Baroque, the Vivaldi also includes a fourth sample bank with Historic pipe sampled voices.

Bellows Simulator®

The Vivaldi has a new Bellows Simulator®. It simulates the pressure differences in the pipe organ’s bellows: a fantastic innovation that makes the organ "sing".

Revolutionary audio system

Johannus is at the forefront when it comes to designing multi-channel organs. The extensive sound distribution through several loudspeakers forms the basis of the high tonal quality.

Pioneering reverberation system

The reverberation of the Vivaldi runs through five channels, controlled by twelve reverb programs.Yyou can add the sound of any room to your organ playing: an intimate chapel, a modern church or the deep long reverberations of an old cathedral.

High sampling quality

Real Time Sampling is the best technology for rendering the sound of a pipe organ. It doesn’t use simulation techniques, but direct digital recordings from famous pipe organs.

Broadband tweeters

The Vivaldi includes two high-quality broadband tweeters elegantly incorporated in the music stand. The purpose of the tweeters is to directly reflect the articulation and coloring of the organ pipe voices to the orginist.

Beautiful Piano

A number of years ago Johannus started offering orchestral voices of unprecedented quality. Our customers particularly appreciated the trumpet and chimes. But we've moved to the next level of achievement with the Vivaldi. In response to requests from our clients, an exquisite piano has been recorded specifically for this organ. The Vivaldi also includes rocking gospel and jazz organs with a simulated rotary 2-speed Leslie speaker.

Additional voices

The Johannus Vivaldi has additional magnificent solo and orchestral voices. These were also created by recording the original instruments.  Voices are easily accessible through the menu.


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