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St. John's Boulder chooses a Johannus Organ for the Chapel

When it came to placing an organ in the Chapel at St John's Church, a digital organ was not really the first consideration. For years, the main Sanctuary has been home to a large and very beloved Austin Pipe organ. So a "pipe organ" was primary in the church's musical thinking. 


The Chapel presented some challenges. There was very limited space available and the organ's proposed location would be directly next to the stain glass windows on an outside wall. This would make a pipe organ's life very difficult and impractical.


Not only was a great "sounding" pipe organ required, the "appearance of actual organ pipes" was important to the aesthetics of the Chapel. A well-designed pipe façade would greatly contribute to the beauty inside. 


We made arrangement for the Church staff to come to our Showroom to see and hear a 2-manual Johannus instrument with pipe façade. They were very pleased and chose to purchase the instrument, they were even more pleased with the results following the installation and subsequent voicing in the Chapel. 


Upon hearing the installed Johannus organ, the organist and other staff commented, "The organ works so well in the chapel space. It far exceeds our expectations, and it is beautiful!......Such an elegant sound and appearance. The sound seems to come from everywhere!"


The new 2-manual Johannus is a cohesive organ of authentic pipe sound. A Disposition of 53 stops in three intonations of Romantic, Symphonic, and Baroque provide the organist the ability to choose which "style" of organ tonal character they wish to play.


Contained inside the beautiful pipe façade is a multi-channel speaker system clearly and faithfully reproducing each rank of stops. Johannus excels in building exceptionally fine pipe facades.


The final tonal and visual results speak for themselves.


Johannus Ecclesia T-170 lifts worship in New Mexico

The Kiva Auditorium at the Albuquerque Convention Center was the site of the 2013 Archdiocese of Santa Fe Eucharistic Congress. Fabian Ruben Yanez, Director of the Office of Worship & Christian Initiation for the Archdiocese and the Event Coordinator, chose an Ecclesia 2-manual T-170 organ to support the worship music. The organ accompanied the choirs and congregational singing along with playing an important role in the praise band pieces. Mr. Yanez commented, "The folks here had an opportunity to hear a quality instrument." Although the Ecclesia T-170 is the smallest of the line, there is nothing small about the full sound of this organ. It too has the four Intonation Groups of Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque, and Historic organ voices. The organ was a perfect fit for the event. The organ was provided and setup by the expert technicians from Church Organ Works Inc.


Ecclesia Dazzles at Metro State University



The Johannus Ecclesia organ was magnificent! Our music faculty was dazzled by the full, symphonic sound of the instrument. It truly surpassed our expectations. Additionally, I was highly impressed with your excellent service and attention to detail. The entire experience was exceptional, and I wanted to share my deep gratitude for your work!

Dr. David Kish

Associate Professor 
Director of Bands
Metro State University
Denver, Colorado


On Thursday, December 6, 2012, I played, on a 4-manual Johannus Ecclesia D-570, the Symphony No. 4 by David Maslanka at the King Center Concert Hall on the Denver Auraria Campus with the Metropolitan State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. David Kish. The symphony is a composition using an unusual combination of a powerful symphonic wind ensemble, harp, and percussion, with a large and demanding organ part, heard at a wide range of dynamic levels, throughout the 32-minute work. The musical score requires a sizable organ with ensemble registrations from mf to fff, including a couple of softer reedy combinations. 

Dan Bashor of Church Organ Works Inc and his team delivered a Johannus Ecclesia D-570 4-manual organ to the King Center over the Thanksgiving break and spent a day adjusting the Romantic voicing to get us up and running in time for the beginning of rehearsals. The console was located on the orchestra/stage level, and the speakers were placed in the balcony above the stage, allowing the sound to carry out into the room effectively.

I was able to rehearse on the Johannus instrument a total of five times plus the Dec. 6 performance. That amount of time gave me an opportunity to observe the sound of the instrument and other aspects, including the console and its features.

· The Ecclesia D-570 organ's authentic pipe organ sound was well balanced and pleasing in the Romantic tonal settings as intended for the performance. The organ was more than adequate to support the 40+ member wind ensemble and easily held its own in fortissimo sections of the work.

· The beautiful dark oak console is very comfortable (important to a small person, as I am), not massive as one might expect in a 4-manual layout. I am particularly fond of the toe sweeps with 24 pistons and the adjustable bench with crank. The wood keyboards are beautiful, and the manual touch is precise, not too flabby or too stiff, with a secure feeling of control.

· The console is particularly well appointed with features modern organists require, including combination memory sequencer, keyboard transfer (Great and Choir exchange), and All Swells-to-Swell, for instance. The music rack and pedal lighting are noticeably good. The people at Johannus have thought of everything (and more).

Finally, I cannot say enough about the service that Dan Bashor gave for this temporary installation! He went far beyond the call of duty in providing delivery as promised, in voicing long hours to get everything ready on the Romantic setting, and much more behind the scenes. He was sensitive to the needs of the multi-purpose, indeed, multi-college King Center and its management. They really respected him for his professionalism. Dan was available for questions throughout the process, and came to the concert, in support of this wonderful performance!

Dr. Joyce Shupe Kull, DMA, FAGO, ChM

Adjunct Faculty in Organ
Metropolitan State University of Denver


New Johannus Monarke for Mary Queen Catholic Church, Friendswood, TX

A new 19th century, Cavaillé-Coll-style Johannus Monarke organ now resides at Mary Queen Catholic Church. This 4-manual custom console with terraced design and 105 ranks has 60 audio channels and a floating resonance pipe division to fill the 1600-seat church.




Congratulations to the Houston Symphony on their recent purchase of a Johannus Rembrandt-397 Organ

The Johannus Rembrandt is being used in the production of Holst’s “The Planets” – an HD Odyssey.  This amazing symphony presentation combines the music of Gustav Holst and High Definition video scenes of our planetary system to form a unique experience that transports the listener/viewer into space.  The Johannus organ was chosen to complement this presentation and other Houston Symphony programs.  



New Ecclesia line of church organs from Johannus

Ecclesia is specifically designed for the church.  Now available in FIVE affordably priced models, you may choose from two, three, and even four-manual versions.  Each model can be adapted to suit your church’s unique needs.  Whether you require the more basic stop disposition of a two-manual stop-tab organ or the more comprehensive tonal approach of a three or four-manual draw-knob instrument, Ecclesia has the features and authentic pipe sound for every church. 



Makin – The Quintessential English Church Organ

The English organ has a very special sound of its own that is loved and appreciated throughout the world.  For the church looking for an organ of English tonal design and realism, Makin is the discerning choice. Explore what is possible at Church Organ Works Inc.



Johannus Ecclesia comes to the Historic Calvary Church

Calvary Church in Golden, CO, has a rich history that dates back to the 1860's. This beautiful historic church is now home to a new Johannus Ecclesia D-47 deluxe 3-manual organ. 
The Ecclesia was chosen for its authentic pipe sound. Additionally, the 14-channel speaker system needed to fit into the very small available space while still providing the tonal balance required for the entire sanctuary. The speakers' compact size enabled them to virtually disappear.
The ongoing restoration of the Sanctuary required that the organ fit the art and form of the church's historic design. The "Deluxe" version of the Ecclesia with its carved side panels, wooden draw-knobs, and ebony/cherry reverse-color wooden keyboards met this important criteria. 
The organ console is positioned near the front of the church to best facilitate joint performances with the many groups who are part of the rich Calvary Church and community music programs. 

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